Feb 13 • 6M

Histamine, Demons & Other Weird Stuff

Bonus Chat! Round 2 with Adrian of Capitalism and Glitter. We chat MCAS, Histamine, Orthorexia, Demons, Dinosaurs, Giants, and Dragons ohhhhh my.


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Caroline Dooner
Adrian Davidson
Casual philosophy, cultural commentary, and conversations with other "problematic" people. Kinda Jesus-y now, tbh.
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Alrighty, here is a second conversation with Adrian of Capitalism and Glitter and

If you haven’t listened to the first one, it’s fully available to all here: The Most Problematic Topic of Them All.

I recommend listening to the first one before listening to this one.

UNFORTUNATELY for all of us… I was mentally impaired and especially stupid the day we recorded this one, thanks to my brain being flooded with histamine, so this conversation is a little disjointed and staying behind the paywall. We cover MCAS / Histamine / Orthorexia / and then… Demons & Dinosaurs & Giants 🤣

Just know that everything I say about the spirit world, I’m saying veeeerrrrryyyy loosely based on current research and thoughts … I’m not saying any of this definitively.

Okkkayyy! Enjoy!

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