Nov 6, 2022 • 1HR 35M

The Most Problematic Topic of All... my convo with @capitalism.and.glitter

New episode of my new lil' podcast

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Casual philosophy, cultural commentary, and conversations with other "problematic" people. Anti-establishment, politically homeless, anti-diet, body autonomy & medical freedom. Kinda-humor, kinda-spiritual, kinda-self-help, kinda-anti-self-help, kinda-conspiracies😎
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Hello! After all my effort merging my old podcast with my new substack podcast… I split them again. Meaning, I’m starting over again, with a new podcast: Problematic. Today’s episode is most problematic direction of them all… talking about health, chronic illness, and v @ ccines.

In this episode, my friend Adrian (of @capitalism.and.glitter on instagram) talks about her journey of discovery with her health after becoming disabled from COVID... We cover RCCX theory! V@ c cine injury! Government corruption! And more!

I had to cut some of this episode for length, so I’ll be releasing lots of what I cut behind the paywall later this week (I hope, I usually overpromise on timing…), and I also plan to talk to her again soon (“soon”), because really, we just scratched the surface of what I hoped we would get into talking about.

I actually wrote my most recent post, detoxing vs. nourishing, and posted it before releasing this episode on purpose, because I wanted to give some context for when Adrian and I off-handedly refer to “minerals” and “organ meat”… we are both on the “nourish your body with minerals” train right now… so check it out if you haven’t yet.


This episode was partially sponsored by Micro Balance Health Products. They’re the products I used over the summer when I was dealing with a mold problem in my basement, and they helped me improve the air quality of the rest of my house before and after the remediation. Use the code CAROLINE for 10% off your order!

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Oh, and the mold consultant can be found here: Andrew Melrose!

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Be back soon with more fun.

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