Mar 24 • 1HR 53M

My Friend Who Changed Her Entire Worldview in 2020 & Moved Off-Grid (Only to Move Back)

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Caroline Dooner
Casual philosophy, cultural commentary, and conversations with other "problematic" people. Anti-establishment, politically homeless, anti-diet, body autonomy & medical freedom. Kinda-humor, kinda-spiritual, kinda-self-help, kinda-anti-self-help, kinda-conspiracies😎
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Today I guess I’m making it official: I’m going to continue my Problematic podcast, mostly talking to people on the theme of HOW THEY CHANGED THEIR MINDS.

Today I’m talking to a friend who is remaining anonymous, on how she changed her entire worldview from an extremely progressive public health major, to moving to an off-grid cabin in the middle of the woods during 2020 to avoid having to get vaccinated, and what she learned and experienced along the way.

(I already shared the unedited version for paid subscribers, and sent a preview to everyone, so if it feels like I already sent this along, that’s why.)

Want to tell me your problematic story?

I want to talk to people and hear their ‘problematic’ ‘how I changed my mind’ stories for the podcast! If you think you have a good story, and are a relatively good speaker and storyteller… send an email to, and give a detailed overview of what you’d like to talk to me about — how much to share? Enough peak my interest! And you can remain anonymous on the podcast if you’d like! (Though I know not everyone will be anonymous).

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