Actually I think this is fine! I have coinbase, it’s a legit app, just like robinhood or E*trade but for crypto. She’s not giving him her financial info, he’s just giving her tips. Fantastic! I love it. Pay off that debt queen. I mean, be smart and don’t throw your savings in there, and yes, do transfer the money to the bank, just leave a bit to keep playing the game of the market!

Frankly I think that people have too limited of a view of the utility of dating apps— I think that dating apps are a great way to simply meet a smattering of random people who can offer you a smattering of random things. It’s just like meeting people in the real world. Sometimes you meet people for one thing like a date but they turn out to be a great friend or a financial advisor! I think that if people kind of widened their expectations of what dating apps are for, it could really help with finding love or companionship too! Just like how if you really want a boyfriend, and that’s all you can think about, that’s kind of the worst way to get a boyfriend lol (didn’t Caroline write about this in TAF?). If you use dating apps as a way to meet interesting people (instead of clutching to it desperately to find “the one”) you will meet some interesting people, some lemons, some hot dates, some love, etc. !

All that said, it’s not that I am positive he’s absolutely NOT a catfisher, it’s just that he might not be. And as far as I can tell he hasn’t done anything wrong or scammy! It’s her money.

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Until she can successfully transfer that money to her bank, I would be worried.

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Jul 26, 2022Liked by Caroline Dooner

I second what you've said, the jury is still out. I would guess that as long as your friend doesn't make any transactions with his account, then smooth sail. She's making money, he is possibly hot and smart and all could be a fairytale. Maybe he is young and likes mature women and he thinks by doing this he can prove his qualities to a woman older than him. Or maybe he is a scam artist... either way, as long as your friend keeps her trading account to herself, she will be making money, unless she will lose them all on a bad trade, where in that case he could very well still be a good guy.

*Not paid by the said Jonas to make this comment.*

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I second what the other commenter said - transfer 90% of the money to her bank ASAP. Leave a seed to keep playing with but goodness, or at LEAST it would be most wise to deposit the amount she started with back into her bank. GAH BUT I WILL definitely keep posted on this story….

I also need more parasite stories ASAP PLEASE!

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1. Should have stopped as soon as it turned into a business "opportunity". Crypto is all fraud from top to bottom. It's Amway for males.

2. Please!!!!! DO NOT FALL FOR THE DAY-TRADER CRAP.!!!! You will lose everything!!!

2. "I don't understand this sentence" makes me wonder if Jonas is actually an AI chatbot. They're pretty damn good now.

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Jul 28, 2022·edited Jul 28, 2022Author

Alright here are the updates as of today, a day after I wrote this.

-She is up to $18,000...

-And she transferred $100 to her bank account to see if it worked, and it did.

-Her current plan is to ask him how to transfer some money into her bank account (there were a couple of confusing steps she learned on her own) and see if he tells her the same way she successfully did it...

-Last night she asked him if he'd show her and he said yes, but she said it's so late let's do it tomorrow. So... more on that when I give the longer update.

-I now understand more about day trading... as opposed to investing in crypto, because it's different. You're just betting on whether crypto will go up or down, live and in real time, and if you're right, you make a percentage of what you bet, and if you're wrong, you lose a percentage of what you bet, BUTTTTT, they incentivize you to keep your money in the app, by letting you bet at a higher percentage, the more money you have in there. So if she transferred all the money out now, she would have to start back at the rate she was allowed to trade at 2 weeks ago, if she keeps the money in she has the potential to make more on each bet... it lets you start to make exponentially more.

-All of the crypto scams you guys have been posting links about do NOT seem quite the same as this, unless he is just buttering her up to ask her to trust him with her money in the future. But she is not investing in crypto/scam coins, she is not using a rando app… she is making cash via betting that she already transferred to her bank on her own…

So, totally separate from this maybe-catfish, this is the "danger" of day trading: the gambling mentality. But still, if you're being smart about how much you're betting... I mean... damn. My question is like... who the heck is paying you... what kind of bizarro business is this.

Ok, sadly, it is 10 pm, and I have to go to bed, and Kara will be staying up tonight, making thousands more dollars. I'll update on this in another post when I have more info...

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These dating app crypto scammers are everywhere all your friend has to do it google it/look at Reddit and she’ll prob find her exact story. Run!


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This was such a good story! I am definitely suspicious and would tell your friend to immediately transfer that money to her bank account and put 2-factor identification on for everything. Definitely gives me Bad Vegan vibes.

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My first thought was he was doing some insider trading and then was going to guilt her into giving him a cut and getting her to take the fall… but you can’t inside trade crypto. If I was her, I’d cash out before she meets him 🤷🏼‍♀️ 12k is nothing to scoff at

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I would think scam BUT… your friend is making a ton of money based on his advice soooo that means this guy/AI bot can also make a shit ton of money using his own advice, right? I’m just not seeing the incentive to scam. Maybe I’m too dumb to understand. Maybe I wish I was Kara. Maybe I’m dedicating the next week to learn crypto day trading. WE ARE EAGERLY AWAITING UPDATES !!

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Wait a couple of weeks.

Can Kara transfer that money directly into her bank? Maybe she could leave a seed to continue working with.

If she is successful, then I’d open my own crypto wallet and wait. If she continues making money, it would be worth it to me, to set aside a specific period of time to stay up late and try it out.

I like adventure, and while I’m skeptical, id be willing to try and make some money.

The pictures look too perfect. But I’d still be curious enough to put a little money on the line. Probably not my heart, though.

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I'm hooked. Need to hear how this ends up!

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Total scam.

"According to a November 2021 study, 50% of all token listings on Uniswap are fake (not necessarily linked with romance scams, of course), so the odds aren’t in your favor when it comes to investing in projects recommended by online strangers. "


Another part of a crypto scam is to help you move money to another exchange, where they can advise you to sign a malicious contract.

She should block him. If she wants to yank his chain, move up the meeting date and see if he shows up.

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Ummm… this is fascinating!! The safe bet is to delay meeting, make more money, and then block him as soon as he insists on meeting or asks for money, haha! I would probably not take the safer tack though 🫠

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Im betting he’s catfishing her. He is playing the long game. He will somehow ask her for $ to trade for her soon. Anything to do with bitcoin always ends up being a scam (i mean when anyone random says they want to help you invest in crypto) My friend was recently majorly scammed by a crypto scam artist who was also playing a long game con.

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