Jan 31 • 1HR 17M

Teva Johnstone on gender, censorship and ideological capture

"I can respect your beliefs, but I don't have to pray your prayers"

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Caroline Dooner
Teva Johnstone
Casual philosophy, cultural commentary, and conversations with other "problematic" people. Kinda Jesus-y now, tbh.
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Today I’m sharing my conversation with Teva Johnstone, a licensed clinical social worker, who now primarily does parent training and coaching on autism and homeschooling/unschooling. She is unabashedly outspoken on our current “culture wars” and the ideological capture in therapy and in schools, and how it affects children, especially the current narrative on race and gender.

You can find Teva on instagram @rebel.parents, at her website, or on her own substack, Wrong Think.

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Here’s a great post by The Free Press, that expands on some of what Teva and I discuss in this episode.