Jul 24 • 1HR 19M

Psychic Medium to Jesus: Kara's Story

With a little culty christianity thrown in for good measure

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Caroline Dooner
Casual philosophy, cultural commentary, and conversations with other "problematic" people. Kinda Jesus-y now, tbh.
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Today I’m sharing Kara Mosher’s story with you. Her story is actually the first ex-new age testimony I ever heard back in the fall, but today we are getting the updated version, where, after coming out of being a psychic medium and giving her life to Jesus, she fell into a culty Christian group before finally breaking free.

Her story is a wild ride and I’m excited for you to hear it!

I’m also doing a live event with Kara on Wednesday night and paid subscribers are invited! Check out the details here.

Find Kara on one of her many shadowbanned instagram accounts

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