May 19 • 3M

How I Changed My Mind: Why I now send my kids to a Christian school (after being liberal and not religious)

Another anonymous conversation with a mom who did a full 180 in the past few years


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Caroline Dooner
Casual philosophy, cultural commentary, and conversations with other "problematic" people. Anti-establishment, politically homeless, anti-diet, body autonomy & medical freedom. Kinda-humor, kinda-spiritual, kinda-self-help, kinda-anti-self-help, kinda-conspiracies😎
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Today I have another anonymous conversation for you, this one behind the paywall.

This conversation is with a formerly liberal mom who started getting uncomfortable with her own “problematic views,” until one day her son came home from school asking her if he was really born a boy, or if he was going to grow breasts. She started researching the social c…

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