Mar 1 • 1HR 16M

An Ex-Energy Worker's Story

My chat with Misti Mazzurca on why she left the "New Age" for Christianity

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Caroline Dooner
Casual philosophy, cultural commentary, and conversations with other "problematic" people. Anti-establishment, politically homeless, anti-diet, body autonomy & medical freedom. Kinda-humor, kinda-spiritual, kinda-self-help, kinda-anti-self-help, kinda-conspiracies😎
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Ooooohhhh here we go…!!

Today is going to be a triggering episode for many, on a polarizing topic... I’m talking to Misti Mazzurca about her experience as an energy worker, communing with spirits on “the other side,” and her dark and scary experiences that led her to Christianity and Jesus.

You may not *agree* with everything said on today’s episode, but I hope that if you listen, you’ll listen with an open mind! I find this subject fascinating, but then again, I believe in the supernatural and things we cannot see…

If you haven’t read my posts on this subject, I recommend you do that first! We kind of jump RIIIIIGHT on in, and it may be helpful to have the context of my breakdown on this topic first, by reading New Age Demons in particular.

Find Misti:

Here is Misti’s instagram account, and her podcast: Smashing Idols.

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