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Publication Bias

an excerpt from the F*ck It Diet

“…Bias has the ability to skew the way people interpret and share data; it’s called publication bias. Results can be marginalized by the scientific establishment, or even by the researchers themselves, because they don’t fit with what is considered to be the truth at the time.22 Scientists’ reputations are at stake when they publish data, and scientists who find results that don’t fit with current beliefs have been frozen out of positions, funding, or committees.

Not only that, but most of the studies on weight and obesity that we hear about are ones that are funded by these pharmaceutical and weightloss companies. Even ones touted by doctors and the government are funded by Big Diet. And when the results don’t tell the companies what they want to hear, the companies just ignore the studies altogether.

Drug companies also use tens of millions of dollars to lobby for the approval of drugs that have previously not been approved (because they are dangerous or simply don’t work). Drug companies also gave lots of money to medical groups and doctors so they would encourage their patients to use diet drugs.

-The F*ck It Diet (2019), Caroline Dooner (me).

There’s more in that section of the book about how big business and big pharma regularly buy off the CDC and FDA.

That’s all I have to say on that for today!

Lastly, the last few days I’ve been working on an… intro to a third book. I’ll put an excerpt past the paywall… not that you haven’t heard me talk about this story and topic before over the past year, but just for fun:

A Possible Intro to Book 3

“Three years ago, in March 2020, I was a woke-ish, liberal author, with a large audience in the anti-diet and body positive space, and I’d just gotten my second book deal….

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Caroline Dooner