I haven’t really been doing ok… (I mean who has been the past two years?) Actually… all things considered, based on how horrible 2021 was, I’m doing…
The story of how I was accused of white violence for refusing to apologize for an April Fool’s joke where I said I was turning my instagram account into…
Ohhhh my. Well I started writing this at 7:55 pm on Tuesday, realizing that I never got around to writing and sending this week’s email. Though, we…
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Oh, yanno, just the story of how I got a breast reduction in 2021, and now have to get a revision surgery this week because they messed up, and how much…
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Is my friend being catfished? Or has she met a hot German multi-millionaire who lives in the midwest who has helped her make over $10K in one week…
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This is a deleted chapter from Tired as F*ck. ENJOY.
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